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Family Resource Center

Hiseville Family Resource Center
149 Cardinal Blvd.
Hiseville, Kentucky 42152


Family Resource Centers were established by the Kentucky Education Reform Act for individual schools or groups of schools with at least 20% eligibility for free lunch.  Once established a center is open to all students and their families within the school community, regardless of family income.

Family Resource Centers are guided by local advisory councils made up of school personnel, parents, students and community members.  The Hiseville Family Resource Center was established in 1996.
FRC Components:
*Full-time preschool child care for children two (2) and three (3) years of age
*After-school childcare for children ages four (4) through twelve (12) with the child care being full-time during summer and on other days when school is not in session
*Families in training which shall consist of an integrated approach to home visits, group meetings, and monitoring child development for new and expectant parents
*Health Services
*Educational Support
*Basic Needs
*Family Literacy

Office Hours: 7:15- 3:15 p.m. (after hours if needed)
Stephanie Decker